Women's Travel Convention goes to Bangkok to Tackle Child Sex Tourism

One might be forgiven for thinking that Bangkok is the last place on earth to hold the annual convention of an organisation which is hell-bent on tackling the problems of sexual exploitation of children via the travel industry, but in fact Bangkok is the ideal venue and was chosen specifically by a leading worldwide group of travel executives. According to Marilyn Byfield, Chairman of the International Federation of Women's Travel Organisations (IFWTO), Bangkok "couldn't be a better destination.”

"The Authorities in Thailand are actively taking the lead in helping stamp out the evil practice of child sex tourism and it is fitting that we should have chosen to hold our convention in Bangkok. Our Thai hosts are committed to protecting children from sexual exploitation and we are working closely with a wide section of the tourism industry across all continents to further our campaign."

At the convention, (May 15-19) there will be a workshop hosted by Cynthia Messer, of the Tourism Centre, University of Minnesota, and academic advisor to the Task Force to Protect Children from Sexual Exploitation in Tourism.

Convention delegates will stay at the luxury 5 star Sofitel Central Plaza and will have access to a programme packed with technology based educational seminars, exotic pre and post tours, a trade show, networking opportunities, talks by a range of guest speakers and a series of receptions and dinners hosted by the IFWTO and Skal International, the Tourism Authority of Thailand, TICA ……to name but a few.