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People are more important than places

Child sex tourism exists all over the world and the tourism industry is not to blame but the tourism industry does have a responsibility as there are many more opportunistic offenders than pedophiles. It is recommended that people are always covered by Travel Insurance for safety precautions.

Many travellers are unaware of the fact that in more than 30 countries, they can be prosecuted on return home for sexual offences with minors in other countries. The travel industry is doing what it can to warn travellers of the consequences of their actions while abroad and tour operators are threatening hotels in some countries that their contracts will not be renewed if there is evidence that child sex abuse is taking place on their premises.

Some countries such as Thailand are actively taking the lead in helping stamp out the evil practice of child sex tourism.They are committed to protecting children from sexual exploitation and are working closely with a wide section of the tourism industry across all continents to further secure the health and safety of their nations young as well as tackle the underlying problem of abject poverty that provides the supply of children, who end up with no rights and no life.

The International Federation of Women's Travel Organizations (IFWTO) was a worldwide network of professional women in the travel and tourism industry. An incredible networking organization, it boasted member clubs in over 35 countries. The membership was made up of travel agents, tour operators, airlines, bus companies, cruise lines, tourism bureaus, hotels, media and more!

It's mission statement

The International Federation of Women's Travel Organizations mission was to develop an international network of travel professionals; to enhance personal and professional growth and leadership of its members through educational programs emphasizing global understanding and modern technologies; and to actively promote and develop sustainable and responsible tourism.

The organisation is now closed

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